GWFM Forum’s Awardees

Global WFM Chartered Body  Awards are highly recognised and respected in the global market with high benchmarking.
Two days of International WFM Summit on 26 th and 27 th June 2020 was the biggest one in the world gathering 1040 WFM Professionals who joined from India ,Manila, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, UK, Europe,  US, Canada, Cast Rica and Mexico.

Top 54 Speakers have delivered their Keynote , Panels discussion and Award presentation

GWFM Presented awards for the best WFM Practices and Tools , we had top global MNCs participated out of which the following 4 awarded basis the guidelines and Jury’s selection.
Concentrix Trophy Certificate
Sutherland Trophy Certificate

GWFM is Proud To Present Concentrix

 The Most Ingenious Best Practice Award  for demonstrating the processes and the practices having a significant business impact and an X-factor that would make it truly stand out.

GWFM is Proud To Present Sutherland

“The Most Versatile WFM Best Practice Award” for demonstrating the process and the practice that peers in the industry can learn & adapt with ease to create value to the organisations.


Fusion Trophy Certificate

GWFM is Proud To Present NICE

” The Most Innovative System Award” for showcasing the system and the tool that is high on innovation index, demonstrated maturity in design as well as implementation.

GWFM is Proud To Present Fusion BPO Services

“The Most Impactful System Award” for demonstrating Fusion Employee Management System (FEMS) maturity in adoption and design that resulted in creating value for the business.

Global WFM Chartered body Felicitated  Awards & Recognition for Best WFM Practices & Best Tools .The top  global WFM thought leaders and CIOs were part of the judging committee

Best Practice in WFM Category

Most Versatile Practice awards to “Hexaware” –   View More

Most Versatile Practice awards to “KPMG” –  View More

Best System/Tool in WFM Category

Most Innovative  System award to “IBM” –  View More

Most Impactful System award to “KPMG” –  View More