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This course is designed to build on the capacity of talent acquisition teams and individuals to reach talents, skillfully assess competence, and smoothly integrate them within company culture.

About Our Course

This course is designed to build on the capacity of talent acquisition teams and individuals to reach talents, skillfully assess competence, and smoothly integrate them within company culture. The course will also enable participants to derive talent acquisition strategies from organizational strategies and design means to monitor and assess progress and impact. In this program, you’ll learn key strategies to plan for and acquire quality talent for your team, organization, or clients, including how to adapt to evolving market conditions to recruit and retain employees with the necessary skills to further organizational goals. By focusing not just on the “how” but the “why,” you’ll have the opportunity to refine your approach to effective talent acquisition and interviewing to create a powerful employment brand that resonates in the workforce.
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Who Can Take This Program?

Fresh HR Graduates Who Wish To Learn Advanced HR Systems, Processes and Analytics.


The Minimum Entry Criteria For Participants are Bachelor’S Degree/MBA in HRM From a Recognised University. As The Programme is Conducted in English, Participants Are Expected To Possess a Good Command Of English Both Written And Verbal.


Projects (If Applicable) Title Preparing an Analytic Plan Brief Description Project Provider Students Would Have To Do It Within Their Own Organisation Seeking Help From a Mentor Within The Organisation.


The Course Structure And Content Are Developed By Experts From GWFM and JAIN (DEEMED-TO-BE-UNIVERSITY) Consisting Of Technical Experts. The SMES Have Been Working in INDIA In HR And Have Expertise In Various Aspects Of HR And Have Been Part Of The Audit And Implementation. This Assures You That The Course Has Been Created With Meticulous Instruction, Introducing You to Diverse Perspective And Best Practices In The Relevant Standards.
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  • Name: Martin Smith
  • Designation: Software Developer
  • Company Working For / Working in Along With The Logo: Facebook
  • Years Of Experience In The Field Of Teaching: 20 Years

Tools & Applications

(Tools and Applications The Student/User Would Learn And Would Work On During The Program Period)

Job Prospects

The Course Helps in Adding a Certification Which In Turn Empowers The Candidate To Be Part Of The Audit Team Of The Organisation. GWFM Provides Placement Support To All Certified Students.

Topic covered

Curriculum (module wise in-detail)
1. Introduction
2. CEO Perspective
3. Recruitment and TA Process
4. Candidate Mindset and Motivation
1. Creating a Brand Pull
2. EVP
3. Employer Branding
4. Brand Ambassador!!!
5. Social Media Communication
1. Creating Candidate Pipelines
2. Sourcing Mix Strategy
3. Positioning and Campus Management
4. Building and Cultivating Networks
5. Passive Candidate Pipelines
6. Online and Digital Recruitment
1. Sourcing Candidates
2. Sourcing – Job Portals
3. Sourcing – Social Media
4. Meta Crawlers and Online Techniques
1. Effective Management
2. Company to Attract
3. Motivational Tele Screening- BEI
4. Effective Candidate Experience
1. Employee Selection
2. Assessment and Identification of Candidates Who Best Fit the Position Requirement and the Organisational Culture. The Process Involves Strategies to assess Job Candidates Efficiently, Ensure Fair Treatment of Employees, Fair Outcomes and Predict the probability of Success in Their Target Role. Offers and Negotiation Pre Joining Process.
1. Recruitment Laws and Trends
3. Contract Law
4. Diversity
5. Future of TA & Recruitment


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Congratulations Team@GWFM for emerging as a successful organization and uniting both HR professionals and Business Leaders on a single platform to share and learn the practical approaches to manage various critical and relevant HR and Business issues within the industry. GWFM is thus enhancing the professional development, by sharing information and experiences and thus fostering fellowship amongst HR practitioners and Business Leaders.

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I have seen GWFM from its formative years & its objective to be the only WFM forum in the world to share ideas & curate content for the industry. Today they have reached a pre-eminent position & I know that with the passion & vision, notwithstanding the commitment that Partho & Shiva brings, this forum will go a long way in enhancing & enriching the human potential. Congrats!

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Director HR IBM

The GWFM TEAM is spearheading stellar efforts to build, sustain & share THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP amongst the professional community. The sheer commitment, passion, and reach are commendable. Being part of their strategic team and planning and leading interventions in the leadership development space have been a joy and an honour. Weaving together a community of HCM professionals, Partho and Shivakumar have done a fantastic job. I am sure in due course GWFM will ensure scale and impact, for the good of all professionals. Here s wishing GWFM, a stupendous success.

Dr. Pramod Sadarjoshi -

Sr. Director Oracle

Learning Objectives ?

  • Explain the impact of current trends on talent acquisition strategies and practices.
  • Develop an employer branding strategy to boost organizational ability to attract talent.
  • Design an efficient and effective acquisition process.
  • Improve and customize talent assessment approach in accordance with position requirements.
  • Accelerate the integration process of new hires through a holistic and integrated onboarding approach.
  • Build talent acquisition strategies and measure impact in compliance with organizational strategic directives.
In this course, participants build the capability to:
  • Outline the key processes required to build a talent acquisition system.
  • Draft a talent acquisition strategy by engaging stakeholders.
  • Develop material for the talent acquisition process.
  • Write a realistic job preview.
  • Support the development of an employer brand.
  • Conduct activities to promote the employer brand.
  • Select the most appropriate talent acquisition method
  • Assist in using social media for talent acquisition.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the talent acquisition methodology.

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Course Features

  • Duration 10 week
  • Max Students 1000
  • Assessments Self